Fresh, relaxed thai dining in the heart of Pimlico.

Sri Suwoon literally means the colour gold but is more profoundly interpreted as a golden outlook – seeing the potential for the best in everyone and everything.


Some of Our Favorites —


Prawns on sesame toast

Blended prawns and sweet corn spread on toast and deep fried with a sesame seed crust


Crispy aromatic duck & pancakes

Shredded roast duck with steamed pancakes for wrapping with spring onion, cucumber sticks and a homemade sauce.

Quarter £12.50 half £20.95, whole duck £37.50


Duck spring rolls

Shredded duck, glass noodles and crunchy vegetables wrapped in wanton pastry and deep fried


Tom Yum Goong

Spicy soup with prawns, kaffir leaves, galangal root and lemon grass


Larb Nua salad

Traditional northern Thai dish of chargrilled sirloin steak tossed with Thai sweet basil and mint leaves with a spicy dressing of fresh lime juice, chilli, shallots and ground toasted rice. Served medium rare or to order. Great with Thai sticky rice!


Sur Rong Hai/Tiger Cry

Sirloin steak marinated, chargrilled and served on a hot plate with a spicy homemade dip of lime juice, fish sauce, brown sugar, ground toasted rice and dried chilli. Served medium rare or to order.



Goong Pao Panang

Freshwater king prawns chargrilled and topped with a mild panang curry sauce


Ped Makarm

Marinated duck breast roasted and topped with a tangy tamarind sauce and crisped shallots


Drunken Fish

Fillet of seabass tossed with basil, fresh peppercorn, chilli and whisky


Gang Kiew Gai

Green Chicken Curry

Chicken simmered in a green curry with bamboo shoots and aubergine


Tauhu Jien

Deep fried beancurd sautéed with shitake and Chinese mushrooms, ginger and spring onion


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At sri suwoon Pat has introduced a modern menu that interprets the best of traditional thai cooking. Authentic, thoughtfully sourced ingredients are brought together to create dishes that will enchant and invigorate with their fresh fragrant flavours.

A thoughtful selection of delightful wines from Europe and the New World draw the best from the dishes and provide great drinking.

All dishes on the menu are available to take-out. Please scroll the menu below and order by phone.

Please note that menus change regularly due to market availability and produce quality. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices include VAT..
— Srisuwoon


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